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kiskinwahamatok – learning together

I have very little knowledge and experience with technology, particularly podcasts; however, over the past couple of weeks, I have become intrigued while listening to podcasts and creating videos along with my wife to supplement learning during this current situation. As I reflect on my excitement and new learnings so far, I think about the major project. I plan to create language podcasts that educators and students can learn from or enjoy. The nêhiyawêwin language is an essential piece of my identity. I plan to interview various language speakers, creating conversations and tools to teach others the importance of language in the schools through technology. Neal Mcleod is Cree motivational speaker from James Smith First Nation. He has been very inspirational in keeping the cree language alive. Thanks for coming along my technology endeavour. hiy hiy


7 responses to “kiskinwahamatok – learning together”

  1. Jeff, this sounds great! In the past course I took, Victoria did something similar with the Michif langauge. If you want to see some of her work, check out this blog post here: I would also recommend looking through some of her other posts too. Obviously a different language, but it’s neat to see how other people have done things in the past. I know that it is a different project too, but you never know when an idea will spark! If you need any help with anything, please reach out! Good luck, looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


  2. Hi. I liked the idea of creating a language podcast as it can be useful for learning Cree language. Definitely it will be helpful for all of us.


  3. This sounds incredible Jeff! Combining something you are passionate about with an area that is out of your comfort zone is very brave. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with, hopefully something that we will see in classrooms everywhere soon. I had the pleasure of sitting in on a presentation from Mr. Norman Fleury regarding the Michif language. I was totally blown away, listening to him move between languages while sharing his stories and the importance of language. I anticipate something as compelling coming from your direction!


  4. Leah Bissonnette Avatar
    Leah Bissonnette

    What an inspiring idea Jeff! My knowledge about technology is also limited – I never would have thought about doing a podcast. I have many friends and colleagues that listen to them though so what a great idea! Someday, I would love to learn the Michif language as it is very similar to French. Good luck with your endeavours!


  5. Retaining connections to language links us to our history and cultural understandings. This work is important. I will be following your progress and podcasts with support and encouragement.


  6. This sounds like it will be an excellent resource, Jeff! I have had you in to speak to some of my classes recently and the students were so engaged with your passion, and I imagine that same passion will shine through in this project. I can’t wait to hear it… and use it!

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  7. Christine Bruce Avatar
    Christine Bruce

    Welcome Jeff! I am glad to see that you got into the class; I feel there is going to be so much I can learn for you. “Lets speak cree together” is something I want to follow. As I was teaching a social studies lesson this week I came to a section that discusses the tribe names of the First Nations peoples who lived here prior to European contact such as nehiyawetan, nehiyawak, and many more, all words are in the cree language (at least I am assuming they are) but I KNOW I do not pronounce them correctly, I always get to this section I wish that my students could hear the correct pronunciation. Through your journey and with your title “Let’s speak Cree together” I am hoping to see some videos teaching me and helping me to grow in your language.

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