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What is digital citizenship? Why is it important?

I asked myself these questions before entering this class. I became aware of the topic a while back and often thought this topic didn’t refer to me or my teaching style.

What Is Digital Citizenship? 

According to Tech Target, digital citizenship is “when a person responsibly uses and accesses technology to engage with their community.” They also say that “a good digital citizen uses technology to connect with other people, educate themselves, and create lasting relationships.”

After reading this definition, I began to see the similarities between the Seven Grandfather teachings and digital citizenship. The seven grandfathers are values that we live as Indigenous people, therefore helping me understand digital citizenship. I began to explore what it means to be a digital citizen, concluding that being a good citizen goes even further than being a responsible member of society. These similarities teach us that being a good citizen means adjusting to our environment, whether it be digital or reality. As I embark on this new learning journey, I plan to teach students about being active, contributing, and caring citizens in both worlds. The answer to my questions is in the learning process. I never thought I would need to learn about the tech world. I came to realize it’s about combining the two worlds so that we can learn together.

Seven Grandfather Teachings
9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

5 responses to “What is digital citizenship? Why is it important?”

  1. Jeff, what an interesting connection. I had never looked at the relationship between the two before, but boy am I glad that you brought it to my attention. Adjusting to our environments is such a fundamental thing, that we so often either forget or don’t realize we are even doing it. Very interesting post and perspective. Thanks for sharing it with us!


  2. Very interesting post…This is the first time that I read about 7 grandfather teachings and now I want to learn more about them… Thank you for sharing this! I really appreciate your concept of teaching students to be good citizens in both worlds…


  3. Great connection between traditional teachings and modern digital citizenship. It really shows that morality is a timeless concept with different situations presented throughout human history. It is important to foster these connections with youth, where old and new worldviews connect as this bridges the generational gap that many students feel makes their tech use different than anything we experienced in our years. Important teachings are timeless.


  4. Thank you for sharing the 7 grandfather teachings, this is a great way to connect indigenous learning to digital citizenship. I was unaware of the grandfather teachings and I am going to take this new learning and apply it to my classroom, they are very powerful messages to teach children.


  5. Jeff, the line “being a good citizen means adjusting to our environment” really stuck with me when reading this post. I love the connection to the Seven Grandfather Teachings, I’m so thankful you shared this with us!

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