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My Digital identity and FootPrint

I have never been much of a social media person. I was always last to try the new gadgets. I recall getting a Sega game console long after everyone was onto Nintendo, and by the time I caught onto Nintendo, there was game cube; you know where I am going with this. Digital citizenship is a new concept to me as stated in a previous blog. Digital citizen resembles the virtues that I grew up understanding. Drawing from the various articles and class readings, I have concluded that what I say and post online can always come back to hurt you. I never realized that what someone posts or shares online could do more damage than good. I have always been reluctant to share personal, private, or professional stuff online. I never had anything to do with social media; it wasn’t until my daughter had asked me why I didn’t have a Facebook account that I became curious about the social media trend. I heard not great things about identity theft, fraud, and people getting catfished, a new term I had just learned. I am very cautious about what I share on my social media posts as I like to keep my private life and professional life private, therefore the 9 elements of digital citizenship are fairly easy for me to understand. I have seen many similarities to my own teachings. Mike Ribble “digital etiquette” reminds me of the “respect” virtue 7 grandfather teachings. What’s surprising to me is that I thought everyone had lived by these virtues that were shared with me as a child and adult. I was very vulnerable to the cyber world, but have since learned how to lock down my account so that only friends can see it. I don’t participate in those questionnaires posted on Facebook. I also have a private Twitter account; a colleague had asked me why I don’t open it up so that others can post or reply to my posts. I went from forty-four followers to nine hundred and seventy-nine followers, many of whom I don’t know but seem to feel they know me.

my first ever game console

I am enjoying this course as it has opened up my worldview of how digital citizenship works. I plan to use these strategies both inside my home and at my workplace. As an educator, parent, and coordinator, it is expected to teach about digital citizenship to our children, students, and colleagues; however, I am also learning myself through this course. To prepare and share with others, I will need to have a solid understanding of Digital Citizenship before sharing the subject with others. I read the digital citizenship implementation guide and feel better prepared to share my knowledge.


4 responses to “My Digital identity and FootPrint”

  1. great blog, just like you, i am also not social media friendly person, i am using social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and snapchat just to connect with my family and friends. but from this class, i have learnt so many things, that these sites have some educational values too, that help us to learn about digital citizenship and digital identity.


  2. Leah Bissonnette Avatar
    Leah Bissonnette

    Hi Jeff. I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you for sharing the 7 Grandfather Teachings; I can see how you have related them to Ribble’s 9 elements. What a great way to integrate First Nations teachings into curriculum. I too feel more confdent after reading the guide and better able to think about how to implement it into my classroom and school.


  3. It’s so interesting that you said you thought everyone lived like that. I think as people, we fall into that trap all of the time. It can be such an eye-opening experience when you learn that we, in fact, don’t all live by the same guiding principles or rules. It can be such a hard thing to learn. I am glad that you are learning so much and are enjoying your time in the course! Thanks for your thoughts!


    1. Thank you for your reply. I must elaborate on what I meant when I stated “I Ithought everyone lived like that”. I had thought every person had lived by some protocols or virtues that guided them in their daily lives. I have read the 9 elements of digital citizenship and am happy to have a set of protocols for the cyber world that I can follow. I must admit it wasn’t until I had read these that I would post a quote and often not post who the author was. I have since taken this practice and cite all authors whose quotes I use. I look forward to the knowledge that you share as well.


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