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Digital Citizenship roles and responsibilities

Being a good citizen is something that everyone should be striving for; however, it has extended online. I grew up and still follow a set of protocols that shaped me into a citizen from birth. My first teachers were my grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and community members, each having and sharing a role in shaping me into a good citizen. Today, teachers have taken on a new position and share responsibility for their student’s learning about this new concept entitled “digital citizenship.” I recall being in school when a chalkboard was the only tool used to teach students, and the lessons being repetitive. Today’s teachers have taken on a different role, with technology being a tool that can be both useful and harmful to students. In last week’s class, I spoke about incorporating the seven grandfather teachings with Mike Ribble’s nine elements of digital citizenship into my education. Knowing these and having lived these seven grandfather teachings has allowed me to adapt to this new concept, navigating both worlds. I feel that as a parent, there is a need to make sure my child is safe while online; therefore, I need to learn more about digital literacy and the protocols that come with it. I am learning about digital citizenship and what I have to do as an educator and parent to ensure that my child and students follow these.

The school division, which I am indigenous education coordinator, has a digital and technology department as part of the student success team. The team works with new and current teachers in incorporating technology into the schools. We have invited various experts to share their experiences on digital citizenship, and it uses schools. We have started a land-based learning course utilizing the seven grandfather teachings, and it wasn’t until recently that I introduced the concept of combining the two citizenship concepts. By combining these protocols, students will learn how to be good citizenships both outside and inside the classroom.


5 responses to “Digital Citizenship roles and responsibilities”

  1. Patricia Ives Avatar
    Patricia Ives

    I am very inspired by your integration of digital citizenship and the seven grandfather teachings. This would be an excellent resource that would allow for elders to share their knowledge and apply it to future actions. At my school, I teach adults who range in age from 18 years and up. We have elders come in regularly to provide supports to our students. You’ve given me many thoughts! I am thinking now that I would like them to come in and begin applying the teachings to how my students interact with others in social media. Tansi!!


  2. Christine Bruce Avatar
    Christine Bruce

    I have to agree with Patricia that I am also inspired by the seven grandfather teachings and your ability to tie digital citizenship together. I want to thank your for including the link to your shared experiences, from there I went and read about Safe Schools presentation and I will be sharing this with my principal, SCC, and Gerry Turcotte (who is in this class), as a possibility to offer to our Holy Trinity families. We need to include parents in this discussion around social medias, digital citizenship it is so important to not leave them out. Thank you Jeff!


  3. I am interested to see how you are going to mix the two concepts and worlds. I think that this definitely has a lot of potentials to be a really great resource, and help kiddos connect to both worlds and teachings on a different level than just doing them separately. Being a good citizen both online and offline is key, and being taught that from an early age is definitely important. I can’t see what you come up with!


  4. katelynnweisbrod Avatar

    I really appreciate the exploration you are doing around educating students to be good citizens inside and outside of the classroom. In my experience, people sometimes shy away from combining the seven grandfather teachings with the digital world. I am curious, have you ever encountered the same hesitancy from people?


    1. I have encountered some hesitancy from various people, however, this is due to misunderstandings of what both sets of protocols entail. . I spoke with elders who don’t understand technology but understood the seven grandfather teachings. I spoke to students who know a little about technology but not the full extent of what a digital citizen means. I would like to see both elements being used in a person’s daily life in how they conduct themselves while at a computer or out with friends. I am quite amazed at the similarities that are shared within these systems.


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