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Gathering Language Through Mentimeter…

I am an advocate for the revitalization of Indigenous languages, particularly the nehiyawe (cree) language. In my role as coordinator of Indigenous education, I would place a nehiyawe word on the wall outside my office. My co-workers would attempt to say the word on the wall. My wife shared this resource with me entitled mentimeter. I am realizing that these technological tools are providing a variety of opportunities to reach my colleagues and students.

Last week a few colleagues and I had the opportunity to take students out onto the land for a 3 day 2night excursion. We learned of the indigenous ways of knowing drawing from the 7 grandfather teachings. The students learned how to respect the fire, the water, and the elements of the cold. we built a quinnzee to protect us from the cold winds. We held a fire-building competition and later spoke about humility. This is how I had planned to incorporate the two sets of protocols of the 9 elements of digital citizenship and 7 grandfather teachings. I used mentimeter as a part of the assessment.

Stay posted on the results. I will be sharing when they come in.

The results of the questionnaire

One response to “Gathering Language Through Mentimeter…”

  1. Sounds like you have some great things on the go, Jeff. I think you are doing some extremely valuable work in taking kids out on the land. I’ll be following along on your journey as it pertains to language as well!


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