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Connecting with reading and technology!

I enjoy reading the typical paper literature; however, I have begun to notice that I am reading more articles on the internet than on average. I often check to see what’s happening and can easily find it online. I have become more aware of the type of literature being out online but always revert to picking up a book and reading it from cover to back, but since the digital world has arrived, I’ve become intrigued by online readers. I have a friend who is very literate with e-books and often shares the pros of reading these books with me. He shared that there is more space in his home and that he can read it from his phone anywhere, anytime. I have tried to use e-books but still did not feel the same way and paper books are still a thing for me. I read an article on reading e-books but still struggle with reading them.

” The best time to begin establishing a culture of proper use is the first day you introduce your students to technology”

Education World: Connecting educators to what works

I used this quote as I am new to this digital journey. I never thought I would have to understand digital citizenship as my background is of Indigenous ways of knowing, which has its own set of protocols to follow. Before taking this class, I used the protocols shared with me; however, I realized that the quotes I posted on Facebook were not of proper ethics. The readings and research showed me that even the cyber world has etiquette. I never was one to believe anything that I saw or heard from a source other than the prime source. I listened to the news about anything I would often check for myself. I am often told by many friends “if it’s on the internet its has to be true”. while I was working on my blog last night I noticed something on Facebook that a friend posted a trade. I shared the post as an image below, it shows Indigenous hockey player Ethan Bear getting traded to Florida Panthers. I noticed the comments, while some people believed it others said it was fake. I actually called a relative of his and asked if this was true. He told me it was “fake news”. I am slowly understanding how these apps work and have come to understand digital citizenship more and more.

This image was shared by a friend on Facebook.

3 responses to “Connecting with reading and technology!”

  1. I’m the same in that I actually prefer to have a physical book when I’m reading, although I do get most of my news online now. Ebooks are handy, but I prefer to spend my leisure reading disconnected from screens and I like the actual act of things like flipping through the pages! Interesting fake news story… I feel like fake news can be extra tricky when the topic is pressing and current.


  2. Me too!! I prefer to read typical paper literature and I can read for hours,… But when it comes on to ebooks or digital platforms I become tired easily and I don’t feel engaged…
    A few years ago I also had this myth that ‘if it’s on the internet it’s true” but soon after this pandemic and many other instances, my trust vanished… I prefer to read from genuine sources rather than reading from random sources that just pop up on my screen.


  3. I am definitely the same in terms of wanting a print source to read. To be honest, I am not entirely sure why I gravitate towards a print copy, but I do. I also like being able to make notes or highlight important information as I go. I find I don’t internalize information as well with digital copies.


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