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My understanding of ethics online and in person.

As citizens, we all must be ethical and share integrity, whether online or in real life. I always thought of myself as an informed citizen with ethics and integrity as part of my upbringing. Until this course, I truly understood what it meant to be a digital citizen. I am still afraid to post online, as I fear identity theft and other issues. I recall an incident when I developed a youth leadership program for my place of employment. I had a program made up before my job but worked on it during my daily duties as this was my role. I resigned from the position only to discover that the program I developed now belonged to them. They had explained that it was within their legal right to make it their property. I feel that as an educator, I am obligated to be ethical in all aspects of the education system. I must teach the students about the legalities of the online world to the best of my ability, and this course has allowed me to explore more about this subject. I still have a lot more to learn about the lawfulness of the online world. I also reflected on my professional and private life and the impacts of social media on them. one of my favorite sayings is,” I like to keep my professional life, professional and personal life personal.” I have realized that all online posts can have repercussions that could affect you in the long run and that there are no professional or personal lives when it comes to the cyberworld. I am learning about what it takes to be a digital citizen

I read the article Dylan shared and this stood out for me “Regardless of whether or not a teacher participates in SNSs, there are policies and procedures to which they must adhere to as a member of a professional association, not only for their own professional protection but also for the protection of colleagues, students, and parents. By following the specified policies and procedures for communication, teachers meet the aspects of a culture of care.”

While in Univerity, I attended an information session put on by Saskatchewan Teacher Federation. I listened to the speaker when he stated that we are professionals 24/7 and have a code of ethics that we have to follow. I leaned over to a friend sitting beside me when he said, ” they cant tell me what to do during my own time.” I believe that we should be ethical people all the time, not just during work hours.


2 responses to “My understanding of ethics online and in person.”

  1. Yes, that was something that surprised me too. I know that I wanted to create a Teacher’s Pay Teachers account to sell material that I have made, but I was strongly cautioned against it for many different reasons. 1) Contractual obligations, 2) whatever I made during school time or used in a class I taught, belonged to the division, 3) if I used my school purchased technology it also automatically belonged to the division, 4) copyright issues, and more! I learned really fast that there are definitely a lot of hoops to jump through and it wasn’t something that I was ready to put the work into right now. I’d also have to read a lot of terms and services of different things that I use, and that all takes time that I am not feeling like I have at the moment.


  2. katelynnweisbrod Avatar

    Thanks for your thoughts, Jeff. As educators, we dedicate so much of our own time to the profession, so it is disheartening to hear that you had lost all connections to your project. I know in all professions there is legalities and ethics on par to teaching, however I feel like the resources created through this profession hold so much meaning.


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