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I made it! EC&I Major Project summary

mamaskoc (amazing in nehiyawe). I will say that this has been one incredible journey. I have gained so much knowledge about what it means to be a digital citizen, as well as learning and experiencing the various apps. I began using WeVideo to teach about the nêhiyawêwin language, and it became a passion. I enjoyed interviewing the Elder, the Knowledgekeeper, and a colleague of mine. The first video I created as part of my major project was the first time using a video editor. I was reluctant to do this as the nêhiyawêwin language is oral. I was also learning about digital citizenship and its nine elements. I felt at ease because I felt a connection to the seven grandfathers teaching, and so this is my journey. I realized that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I am looking forward to continuing my digital citizenship journey.

I had brainstormed about my major project; my initial thought was to create a podcast; however, teachers, friends, and colleagues stated they would like pronunciation videos of the nêhiyawêwin language. I quickly changed my major project to reflect my identity, and my major project was born; before creating these videos, I consulted with the elders on how best to approach my project. My teachings are similar to the nine elements of digital citizenship, in which we must ask for permission before streaming the language. I created my first Wevideo with the blessings of the elders, and they shared with me that we must revitalize the language, and if the world wide web is the way to reach others go ahead and create it.

WeVideo 1 – In this video this was my first attempt at creating a video. I am often asked to share an introductory conversation. The picture in the background is wascana trails. My wife and I often go for walks out there and wanted to use an outdoor picture. This conversation is often used to identify in the plains cree culture of how you connected to one another. The connection I made to the nine elements of digital citizenship and grandfather teachings is respect. I plan on using this video in the classroom for teachers and students.

WeVideo 2 I have asked Elder Margaret Rockthunder to assist me with the pronunciations of the weather terms. Margaret is from the Piapot First Nation which is located north of Regina she is a fluent speaker of the plains cree y dialect. She is also a member of the Elders Advisory group for Regina Public School division.

WeVideo 3 Elder Margaret and I continued my project based on what teachers had asked for. I made a video on kinship terms as to assist the teachers in understanding whom the students are referring too.

WeVideo 4 I am so excited to share this interview with all of you. I have the pleasure of working with one of the smartest persons I know when it comes to digital citizenship. I call her the àtayohkan (legend) Amanda Brace. She asisted me a lot when it came to understanding WordPress and the nine elements of digital citizenship.

WeVideo 5 Interview with Knowledgekeeper Gary Gott. Gary is a well known knowledgekeeper who is presently employed with Regina Public Schools. In my work with Gary I saw the similarities between the nine elements of digital citizenship and Seven Grandfather Teachings.


5 responses to “I made it! EC&I Major Project summary”

  1. This incredible Jeff! While remaining humble, your project clearly shows growth in your knowledge of technology, and I can only imagine your confidence in using the tools that you have learned about over the course of this class. I am in awe of your ability to create such a meaningful series for your project. This combination of Indigenous content in through a digital medium is exciting. Congratulations on a well done project Jeff!


  2. Christine Bruce Avatar
    Christine Bruce

    I am so appreciative that you introduced to me to the grandfather teachings and then showed me that nine elements have similar characteristics. I have also enjoyed hearing the pronunciation of weather & kin terms. If you ever do another video, I would love to hear the correct pronunciation of “nehiyawewin” and other names, I feel I have not learned how to say them properly and would like to to do better.


  3. Congratulations Jeff. Seems that now you have become a pro in technology. Nice to read the teachings and I learnt lots of teachings related to indigenous culture. Thanks for wonderful sharing..


  4. Wow! Nice work Jeff, look how far you have come in your digital journey! Your students are lucky to have you, someone who is committed to professional development, providing exciting and meaningful opportunities to share your culture. I certainly learned a lot!!


  5. Well done, Jeff! It was awesome hearing you creatively share your knowledge. The students and staff you engage with will love these videos to share with their students. Hopefully, you can tweet them out for all of us to use! I am proud of you!


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